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Digital Footprints & Estate Planning

A complete estate plan will address intangible digital assets, such as your: · Email · Social networking sites · Photo sharing sites · Digital bank records & investment accounts · Blogs, domain names, copyrighted material; and · Paypal & Bitcoin. Tracking down access information for each of these assets and deciding how to handle each [...]

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Wills & Pitfalls

Clients often suggest, “I just need a simple will”. That may be true, but a little careful thought by an experienced attorney could save your loved ones a lot of money and time. For instance, did you know: You should verify the exact name and address of a charity named in your will? Recently, a [...]

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Estate Planning for Families with Children

You’ve probably given careful consideration to whom you want to be your child’s guardian. But did you know that guardianship ends when the child turns 18? A guardian is required to turn over all remaining funds to the child on their 18th birthday, and the child no longer receives court supervision or protection for the [...]

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