We help premier, established and emerging businesses navigate around “legal speed bumps” on the road to greater success.

We provide assistance to businesses ranging from general advice to spearheading specific transactions.
  • A baker opening her first store
  • A fast growing holistic health and nutrition business concerned about trademark and intellectual property protection
  • Successful software engineers seeking to maximize the potential of their lynchpin product through licensing
  • A long run family business looking to pass the reigns to the next generation
  • A large human resources company interested in establishing a plan for continuity in ownership and leadership
  • A couple of “web guys” with a fast growing business that wanted to reduce their liability by implementing an employee handbook and employment contracts
  • A sole proprietor of a marketing business wishing to sell, but keep a seat at the table to assist his team during transition

These are some examples of the businesses that have brought us on as part of their team. Business law was a foundation of our firm at its inception and we’re proud to have been on many successful business teams over the past 120 years. While the situation, the players, the law and the strategy differ greatly in each, our goal always remains the same: to work as part of your team and make it over the speed bump, together, so that you can continue down your path to success.