Real estate transactions can be a risky, but those risks are greatly reduced when you have experienced counsel looking out for your interests.

We provide expert counsel in all types of real estate matters, including commercial and residential transactions, zoning and land use actions, property litigation and conflict resolution, and actions involving Land Court, such as adverse possession claims.

Our clients include banks, experienced investors, sellers, buyers, first time home buyers, trusts and estates, developers, and homeowners seeking to settle a title dispute or make a change to the use of their land.

Real estate transactions can be complicated even if they appear straightforward at the outset. Most purchase or sale transactions involve a seller and buyer, their respective attorneys, two realtors, a lender, and a title attorney. All of these “players” must work together for a resolution to occur. Communication is of utmost importance in real estate transactions. Our attorneys, paralegals and support staff work to keep all parties informed and on schedule, regardless of whether we’re representing a lender, buyer or seller. While our role may change, our commitment to keeping you informed and “in the loop” never does.

Just like the many players in a real estate transaction, real estate law has many facets. Real estate is affected by title records, zoning codes, land use ordinances and state laws and regulations. Our attorneys know how these different laws and rules affect your property and can advise how best to clear up problems, avoid problems and accomplish your goals.

Real estate has been a cornerstone of our firm since its inception. For over 120 years, our attorneys have assisted individuals and businesses reduce the risk of their real estate investment- often the most valuable asset of their portfolio. We look forward to working with you to share our knowledge, keep you informed and help protect your cornerstone.