Disputes, disagreements and unfortunate events can, and do, happen. Whether the dispute or event involves businesses or individuals, is a one-time occurrence or is an ongoing matter, we work as a team to develop and implement a plan that moves your problem to the next level, toward resolution.

We use creative thinking, close communication with the client, and our team’s collective depth of knowledge to develop and implement efficient and effective dispute resolution plans.

Resolution plans can include:

  • Bringing, or defending, a lawsuit in court
  • Using a mediator
  • Identifying and securing assets for damages
  • Collecting compensation from insurance companies
  • Resolving disputes through negotiation
  • Obtaining injunctive relief to minimize ongoing damages;
  • Securing licenses and permits.

The tools we use in resolving disputes vary widely, but our goals are always the same: to provide effective counseling, efficient planning and skilled advocacy to resolve your problem so you can back to the business of living your life.