“What happens if….” is something we love to hear from our clients. It means we just began a really, really important conversation. We know that the question that follows is something that’s been on your mind, maybe even keeping you up at night, and probably searching online through those Q&A sites.

Providing trusted information and advice to our clients is the first step to transforming your question, concern or worry, into a plan.

The subject matter of planning is very broad and can include:

  • estate planning,
  • tax planning,
  • MassHealth planning,
  • guardianship and conservatorship,
  • planning for the support of a child or loved one with special needs,
  • business planning, and
  • charitable giving, among others.

Often, a client’s concern will cover several of these areas. Our attorneys have a depth of knowledge in all of these subjects, allowing us to craft a comprehensive plan that addresses your needs and goals.

Like fingerprints, every plan should be distinct to the client. For over 120 years, our attorneys have helped individuals and businesses develop plans to fit their unique needs. We look forward to hearing your concern and working closely with you to construct a plan that you understand, that fits within your budget, and accomplishes your goals.